About Kerri

Kerri grew up in Hilton, NY where she began riding lessons at the age of 6. Her lessons were based on Centered Riding with aspirations of showing in Dressage. After begging for a horse for 6 years she finally got one as a Christmas present! With some help from her instructor she broke her horse to ride and started pursuing their dressage career. At some point Kerri determined that dressage was not what her horse wanted to do, Kerri found out about endurance/Competitive Trail riding and turns out that was what her horse was born to do.

Endurance riding led Kerri to become interested in conditioning and keeping her horse sound for mile after mile. Being a Licensed Veterinary Technician led to a job at a Canine Rehabilitation facility. After working in rehab for a few years Kerri decided to pursue Certification in Equine Rehabilitation to help horses avoid and recover from injury.

Certification in Equine Rehabilitation allows Kerri to do bodywork- including massage, myofascial techniques, trigger point therapy, stretching, and core strengthening/therapeutic exercises. Kerri is also able to help horses heal from injuries with use of modalities such as Therapeutic Ultrasound, TENS, and manual rehab techniques.

Kerri enjoys helping owners find areas that need strengthening on their horse to help avoid injury. Bodywork is one of her favorite aspects because horses are so appreciative of a good massage session!